High and low temperature rotary and fluidized bed reactors and calciners for reactive and chemically aggressive processes.

Operation :
Rotary tube furnaces and reactors transport the feed from the inlet to the discharge of the reactor by the rotation of the drum and the angle of inclination of the drum. The drum tube passes through a furnace that is heated either by electrical elements or by gas burners. This energy heats the tube which is in direct contact with the feed internally. Special lifters in the drum promote the exposure of the feed to the heated surfaces by a rolling motion of the material. The product is discharged through a suitable airlock device.

Feeding / discharge:
Automatic and continuous. Vibrators, screw feeders, rotary airlocks, double flap valves, gravity chutes

Calciners, Rotary Calciners, Rotary Calciner Furnace, Sand Calciner, Rotary Louvre Dryer, CalcinerFeed Characteristics:
Powders, granules, non friable agglomerates. Low to high feed rates

Heat Source:
Electrical, or gas

Product contacts the heated surface of the drum. Special lifters turn the product exposing new product to the heated surface

Residence time:
Controllable. Residence time can be altered by varying the speed of rotation of the drum and the drum angle. Fill can be varied. Fills are typically between 7% and 25% of the cross sectional area of the drum.

Normally induced.

Dust Collection:
Systems can be low dust with minimal separation requirements.

If required cyclones, bag houses, scrubbers, Electrostatic precipitators.

PLC, infrequently solid state controllers. System controls on discharge temperature. Can modulate energy and feed.

High throughput
Excellent energy utilization for electrical units
Can have zoned temperature profile
Gentle handling
Intimate product contact
High temperature operation - can be refractory lined.
Unit can have integral cooling section.

Incorrect seal design can cause leakage
Large real estate required
High temperature can cause damage to certain components

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